March 21, 2012: I’ve “Still Got Curl”

A few days ago, I posted a story about my first haircut, with pictures.

When I removed those photographs from my baby book, so I could scan them for this blog, I discovered a little scrap of yellowing paper tucked behind one of them. On it, my mother had long ago scribbled a short poem about the fact that people used to think I was a girl.

Insert very obvious punch-line here.

Her meter's a little off.

Apparently, in the early 1960s, boy babies were all bald or at least had the decency not to have hair with so much volume. Mom used to love to tell the story, when I was growing up. “People would come up to me in the grocery and say, ‘Your daughter is so cute!’ They thought you were a girl because you had so much curly hair.”

Oh, Mother. It wasn’t the hair.

Thing I Hate Today: Lower back pain.


4 Responses

  1. Michelle Hoffman, good writer/neighbor friend forwarded me your blog link. Looking forward to reading you posts. Do check out my blog. You will find my writing stuff is under the “writing” category left. Many thanks!

  2. What a find. Wonder how many other scraps of paper are awaiting your discovery.

    You did have a wonderful head of curly hair…so unfair to the rest of us!

  3. Where is the “ponytail” my mother love so much!

  4. LOL, great post!

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