March 20, 2012: Wop Lock

It turns out my mother does have a urinary tract infection, as I suspected in an earlier post in this blog. (Sorry. I haven’t yet figured out how to do “hot links” here.) The first batch of antibiotics didn’t get rid of it, so we’re on to another.

Speaking of mothers, people keep sending me the link to this YouTube video called “Shit Italian Moms Say,” I suppose because I’m Italian and I have a mother.

The nice people who made this video need to retitle it. Maybe they could call it “Shit Brooklynese Sicilian Moms Say,” or “Ethnic Stereotypes That White People Find Amusing.”

Because, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m Italian. And I have a mother. And mine never said any of the things included in this snoozy little clip. And I don’t remember hearing any of my aunts or my grandmother or my grandmother’s sister saying any of this stuff, either.

Well, maybe one. The last comment on the clip is of an Italian mom (actually a flabby, dark-haired guy in drag—my, how amusing!) barking, “Lock the top lock!” We had “top locks” (deadbolts) in our house, growing up.

Things my mother did say: “Close the light!” “Oofah!” “I’ve got to rid up this house.” And, I swear: “Put on a sweater, I’m cold.”

            Also not so funny.

Making pizzelles.

 Thing I Hate Today: Traffic.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for taking the time to make pizzelles with your mother! You allowed her to function the way she used to for a moment in time. What an awesome feeling you gave her!

  2. Great pic, and I hate traffic too and don’t even drive.

  3. i had a bad run with UTI’s a few years back – no fun at all!! i wish your mom the best. You may want to pick up a product called D-Mannose Power to add to her water daily – it’s available at Sunflower and probably Sprouts – i hope she feels better soon. +++++

    suzanne falk

  4. My mother used to also say, “Close the light,” and “Friday is clean-the-house day.”

    Pizzelle pic…heart warming!

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