March 19, 2012: Apparently, I Suck

I’ve been dining out on this story for months now.

Late last year, at one of the First Friday openings at Willo North Gallery, Robert Sentinery dropped in. Robert owns Java, an arts magazine that has covered local culture for 17 years—quite an accomplishment. Robert went to high school with my husband and several of our closest friends, and I always slip and call him “Bob,” his high school sobriquet.

On this night, Bob—I mean Robert—was, as ever, surrounded by a gaggle of tall, dark-haired women. He appears to travel everywhere encircled by a pack of exotic beauties in teeny skirts and towering heels. After he’d introduced me to each of his lovely companions, one of them—I believe her name was Bitzy—leaned in and said, “You’re that guy from NPR, right?”

My head began quietly to swell. “Yes,” I admitted. “It’s me.”

“Wow,” Bitzy replied. “I really, really can’t stand you! Every time I hear your voice on the radio, I run to turn it off!”

Later, Bob kept trying to apologize. “She’s a drunk and an asshole,” he swore. “None of the other girls like her!”

I don’t think I convinced him that I wasn’t offended, that I thought the whole thing was brilliant; that I was already planning to repeat this story to everyone I knew.

“I really, really can’t stand you!”  Heeeee hee hee!

 Thing I Hate Today: Ironing.


3 Responses

  1. I love you.

  2. Robert was the first AZ publisher I wrote for, and I still appear in the magazine from time to time… Funny to think of him as “Bob!”

    As for the woman’s comment… I’m sincerely envious.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a suck up or a stalker, it was your voice on NPR that first made me notice your work. Your voice, to me, was very soothing. Your topic – that of caring for your mother- was the other thing that touched me. Your theater reviews are always entertaining as well….. nuf said…..

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