March 18, 2012: Beware, Beware, of a Cutted Hair

            On February 6, 1963, my father took me for my first haircut. As with nearly every other semi-important moment in my young life, this event was committed to film and carefully annotated by my mother. Here we are at Joe’s Barber Shop in Niles, Ohio.

Unaware that I am about to have a prole hairdo forced upon me, I am cheerful.


            Yesterday, I took my father for his monthly haircut. He thinks it’s amusing that the barber at this neighborhood shop is a woman. Her assistant tried to get me into his chair, but I knew better than to fall for that trick again.


Thing I Hate Today: The phrase “back in the day.”


3 Responses

  1. My barber, who worked in a shop located at 56th St and Thomas Rd, Phoenix, was named Hop. Hopefully, that was not his given name though I never knew for sure.

  2. You are such a great son and a great person!

  3. […] few days ago, I posted a story about my first haircut, with […]

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