March 11, 2012: Death-Adjacent (Birthday Triumvirate 1)

Okay. It’s been five weeks, and I’d like to announce that my birthday is now officially over.

Tonight, Dominick had a little dinner party for me to celebrate my birthday, now more than a month gone. The food (each dish prepared by a different friend) was magnificent; the cocktails a triumph. The birthday cake was a work of art–the kind that causes your hips to swell.

A birthday cake fit for a queen.

But, seriously. Enough already. No more celebrating. I’ve got a deadline to attend to, and a blog to keep up. Also, sleep beckons.

I promise: Tomorrow, I’ll actually write about something.

Thing I Hate Today: In middle age, desserts containing even a spoonful of coffee keep me awake.


2 Responses

  1. The cake is really lovely and I like the fluted decorations. Curious…why only 3 candles?

  2. E: I suspect because three looked pretty to Dominick. The cake was hidden from me before dinner, and “presented” later, after we’d eaten. Seven different layers, none involving flour. I’ll never be thin again.

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