March 9, 2012: Blogged Down

This blog is out, and word is in: People can be coerced into reading self-important prattle!

Friends weighed in yesterday about this, my foolish venture. It is apparently amusing that I refer to my husband, Todd Grossman, as “Tevye.” It’s his Hebrew name, and it’s what I’ve always called him. Why is that funny?

My friend Mike, whom I adore, wrote, “Your blog is a skinny stick of text in a giant field of gray blah. Make it pretty.” Several people wrote and deliberately misused the word “everyday,” which was amusing; two others wrote and misused the same word, which was not. A lawyer pal pointed out that I had misspelled the word “sheers” (I was mortified), and another lawyer friend wrote to gripe, “The world is in a terrible mess, and you’re worried about whether people use proper grammar? What’s wrong with you?”

I just hate it when people complain. Don’t you?

Other Thing I Hate Today: People who sing along with the radio in the company of others.


5 Responses

  1. More cats please.

  2. What is wrong with men?

  3. There is plenty wrong with us, Diane. How much time do you have?

  4. “Tevye” is funny because, when they turn this blog into a musical, it means Zero Mostel can play Todd!

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