March 7, 2012: I Love Griping. Everyday.

Here’s one that drives me ape-shit with rage: the misuse of the word “everyday.”

It’s rampant. Trust me—I’ve been cataloguing America’s  indiscreet abuse of this word for years now.

Apparently, mastering the correct use of “everyday” is as difficult as scaling Mount Everest or imagining sex with Clint Howard.


And don’t think it’s just in handmade signs and blogs that I’m finding this egregious fuck-up. Everyday’s single-word use (as an adjective describing something that happens daily) can be found everywhere, in places where what’s meant is a synonym for “each day.” Like in this national ad campaign for fried chicken:

I hope whoever designed this probably very expensive television commercial got fired.

Here’s the “everyday” I found this morning, at my local pharmacy:


Makes you want to kill yourself with an axe, doesn’t it?

 Thing I Hate Today: Being told to lighten up.


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