March 5, 2012: Knitty Knittenberg

I'm told he never drops a stitch. I believe that's a good thing.

Here’s a constant sight in our home: Tevye, knitting something.

We’re not gay, or anything.

Most mornings, I awaken to find some just-knitted thing, stretched and drying on the kitchen counter.

Thing I Hate Today: Trying to find places to stash my husband’s yarn .


4 Responses

  1. Things I Hate Today:
    Husbands who complain about yarn. Especially husbands with the nicest scarves and hats in town.

  2. I found your blog through Amy Silverman.

    I think you’re lucky to have a husband who can knit so well. I just learned last summer and everything I make looks like my two dogs fought over it, except for the toys I somehow learned how to make for my ten year old son, those are actually pretty good.

    I will share something I hate: getting up for something and having three other people beg me to do something “while you’re up”.

  3. I once confessed to my husband’s cousin that the only husband I thought was nicer than my own was my friend Beep’s. So there.

  4. Can I commission something? Maybe a Cher-related yarn item?

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