February 28, 2012: Karma Comestibles

            I used to be a pretty decent cook. I started playing around with food when I was a kid (Pansy Alert!) and even worked as the Food Editor at Home and Garden magazine for a few years in the 90s. (Such a senseless title: Food Editor. It made me sound like someone who was paid to remove peas from entrees.) But when I started taking care of my folks a few years ago, Todd—a phenomenal cook—took over the dinner chores.

            Todd isn’t feeling well tonight, so I decided to make dinner for him. And I appear to have forgotten how to prepare food. My nice breaded trout fillets were under-cooked, and my zucchini was greasy and too garlicky.

            Crap. Remind me not to try to ride a bicycle any time soon.

Thing I Hate Today: Unloading the dishwasher.


One Response

  1. This reminds me that you learned to ride a bicycle as an adult, a fact I find endlessly amusing.

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