February 24, 2012: Big Night

            So, the other night when we were watching Big Night, there’s a scene where humpy Tony Shalhoub is making a Timpano, which is kind of a giant pie with mustacolli and meatballs and hardboiled eggs and salami in it. And Todd turns to me and he says, “What is he making?” And I said, “I don’t know. It’s a Sicilian dish. I’m Italian.”

            Today is Friday, the day that Todd goes to my parents’ so that I can have the day off. And I stopped over there to see them, and Todd had made a Timpano. From memory, I guess. He’s like that. You can show him a photograph of your great-grandfather’s wedding jacket, and he’ll have run one up by the middle of the following day—and taught himself to sew in the interim.

The plate is from a stoneware pattern called Sakura.


     It tasted nice. And he looked just like Stanley Tucci, serving it. (Only handsomer.)

 Thing I Hate Today: When people don’t know the difference between Italian and Sicilian.


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  1. I love your husband, too.

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