February 20, 2012: Mon Beau du Cinema

            So, okay. Todd and I do this stupid thing where we each have a TV Boyfriend and a Movie Boyfriend, and we run around asking our friends, “So, who’s your TV Boyfriend/Girlfriend?”

            It’s silly. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t ask us what the hell we’re talking about, but just bust out with an answer. Apparently everyone’s got one.

            Todd’s a serial monogamist with the whole thing. He’s always bouncing from one TV and Movie Boyfriend to another. Currently his Movie Boyfriend is Jean Dujardin (I approve!) and his TV Boyfriend is—get ready to hork—Ted Bessell. (Bleh. And what makes it worse is he says that Ted reminds him of me. Ack!)

            I’m a loyalist. I’ve had the same Movie Boyfriend for a very long time: Stanley Tucci. Todd is as bothered by this fact as I am by his Ted Bessel thing.

            Why am I troubling you with all this? Because last night we watched Big Night, a nice movie from 1996 I’d seen before. It stars Stanley Tucci and my former TV Boyfriend, Tony Shalhoub. (I broke up with him when I discovered David Eigenberg. Maybe I’m a little slutty, too, when it comes to TV Boyfriends. But never with Movie Boyfriends!)

Sit on my face.

            I don’t know why Todd is so grossed out by the whole Stanley Tucci thing. He and Stanley could be twins.

Thing I Hate Today: DVDs that won’t let you skip the crappy coming attractions trailers.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only serial monogamist in your life anymore. You gave me a very stern telling-off, 20-some years ago. Do you remember?

    • That would have been more like 30-something years ago, but it does sound like something I’d have bitched you out about.

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