February 7, 2012: Weather

            It started snowing today. I’m sure everyone in Niles is mortified—the locals keep talking about how happy they are that this has been such a mild winter—but  I’m thrilled. I keep going out on the porch and just standing there, staring. Just like we do in Phoenix, when it rains.

            I love this little house. 611 Fenton Street. It was a complete shit-hole when we bought it, 12 years ago. Or was it 13 years ago? Anyway, it was before I had jowls. And the place was such a wreck that, when we came to Niles to work on it, we had to stay at a hotel. It was that bad. The people who owned it before us (and, presumably, the many people who’d owned it before them) were somehow unaware of the existence of cleaning products and paint.

            But that’s a story for another day. I’ve got to go buy some wainscoting.

Thing I Hate Today: Todd isn’t here with me.


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