February 4, 2012: Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche

            I’m still 50. How in the Christ did this happen?

            Some of my Clemente cousins were coming for breakfast, so I set the table with a crapload of vintage Harkerware. The pattern is called Bamboo, and the original pieces in my collection were a gift from Elizabeth Montgomery. And that, I swear, is the last time I will name-drop in this blog.

We had a nice time, sitting around and talking about the old days that took place before I was born. Todd made a broccoli and cheese quiche, which one of my cousins, a 60-something fellow who’s lived his whole life inNortheastern Ohio, admitted he’d never eaten before. Welcome to Niles!

Bonus photo: Later that day, we went antiquing all over Ohio and Pennsylvania—Todd was determined to buy me an antique sideboard (I’m gay!), which I’d mentioned I wanted for the Niles house. We didn’t find one we liked, but we did, somewhere in Amish country, stumble upon Girdle Road. Which is much better than any old piece of furniture.

No, seriously.

 Junk Shop Find of the Day: Four bread plates in my mother’s wedding china pattern, 40 cents apiece at the Goodwill on Highway 422.

Thing I Hate Today: The way that thrift stores smell. (What IS that odor?)


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